Best Music of 2018

It’s been a zonkers year for us! We put out an EP, made 3 music videos, covered a KISS song, played…

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Top 10 Ramones Songs

Ramones are the beach boys of punk rock and the inventors of pop punk. While I feel like they never made…

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Moonraker – Lanterns LP Review

Moonraker is a band I can relate to. They make me laugh, they make me cry; they kinda feel like the…

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Nerdlinger – Happy Place LP Review

Nerdlinger Happy Place

90s skate punk nostalgia can be a mixed bag. With a lot of today’s bands sounding like NUFAN c-sides or crappy…

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10 Most Underrated Kiss Songs

We covered a Kiss song recently, in prepping for it I fell into a dark hole that involved me listening to…

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Best Music of 2017

It’s been a pretty good year for music. A couple of sleeping giants woke up a dropped their best albums yet;…

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Rancid Albums: Ranked Worst to Best

Rancid Albums Ranked Worst to Best

I’m having anxious feelings with another new Rancid album release looming. I just don’t want be hurt again. I’ve ranked their…

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Best Pop-Punk Albums Ever

Best Pop Punk Albums Ever

There’s a lot of bad pop-punk out there. Listening to the radio, you might get the impression that there’s no depth…

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Blank Side – ‘Etheric’ EP Review

Blank Side Etheric

Power-violence can be a tough jar of pickles to open. With it’s impenetrable song structures, dissonant melodies, and broken telephone production;…

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Best Music of 2016

Best Punk of 2016

2016 has been weird, Bowie’s dead and Trump’s president. A lot of my favourite bands disappointed me, other bands I thought…

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