Best Music of 2023

Iconic acts Metallica, Bouncing Souls, Blink-182, and Rancid dropped new albums, taking up most of the oxygen in 2023. However, Samiam and Diesel Boy, managed to deliver albums that stand proudly alongside the best of their discographies. We also got six Nicolas Cage movies.


10. Paint It Black – Famine

9. Dead Pioneers – S/T

8. Hellaphant – Crumble and Rise

7. Samiam – Stowaway

6. 7 Years Bad Luck – No Shame

5. Tightwire – Head Full Of Snakes

4. NOT – Stop The World

3. Doghouse Rose – Unlearn

2. CLOWNS – Endless

1. Diesel Boy – Gets Old

Honorable Mentions

Reckless Upstarts – We Walk Alone

Codefendants – This Is Crime Wave


5. Mediaslaves – Consume The Consumers

4. Hysterics – Hormones

3. Wasting Time – Chainsaw Dynamos

2. The Malphs – Sometimes I Think About You

1. Gnarly Horse – Dumb Luck


5. The Beatles – Now And Then

4. The Mendozaz – Slasher

3. Chasing Heroes – Empty Cages

2. Teen Mortgage – Sick Day

1. Tenacious D – Video Games

Nicolas Cage Films

5. The Flash

Not good, but we did get to see Nicolas Cage as superman for a 2nd time.

4. The Old Way

Cowboy Cage.

3. Dream Scenario

Cage as a friendly Freddy Krueger.

2. Renfield

Cage finally plays Dracula. Excellent performance, fun action movie.

1. Sympathy for the Devil

Cage as a Sopranos character.

We had a busy year as a band, with a Nicolas Cage themed EP, a Christmas song, and a compilation exclusive: