Best Weezer Songs That Are Not By Weezer

It’s a running joke that Weezer fans notoriously hate the vast majority of the band’s catalogue. We recently made a playlist that got some traction highlighting some great Weezer songs that are not by Weezer (songs that sound like Weezer by other bands). Here are some of the highlights from the playlist:

Gnarly Horse – Drag

We’ve spoken a lot about Gnarly Horse on this blog. They are my favourite not-Weezer band, Pinkerton fans will enjoy their entire discography.

ZZUF – Tonight

A cool band from Indonesia I found when researching punk in Asia. They sound like really good Blue/Green album-era demos.

Desacatyl – Golden Moon

Desacatyl is a one-person-band consisting of Joseph A. Ziemba (from Wolfie, The Like Young, Beaujolais, Taken By Savages) that has strong Pinkerton vibes.

Billy Cobb – She Doesn’t Love Me

Billy Cobb has a really funny Youtube channel. A lot of his music doesn’t sound like Weezer, but his two Zerwee EPs sound like lost Pinkerton b-sides.

Tony Molina – Nowhere to Go

Veteran Bay Area musician Tony Molina is a guy who plays in a billion bands, one of them “Ovens” is also on this not-Weezer playlist. His solo stuff here also sounds like lost Weezer demos.