Filthy Hearts – Beyond Repair LP Review

Filthy Hearts are a punk band that write the kind of anthemic scream-alongs you’d stumble upon at Fest or Pouzza. Made out of former members of the Larimers, Vice Dolls, Party Like Thieves, and the A-OKs; ‘Beyond Repair‘ shares some semblance to it’s ancestors, but paints a darker picture, touching on alcoholism, depression, and the aftermath of failed dreams.

What sets the Filthy Hearts apart from their org-core contemporaries is their capacity to inject a HUGE anthemic chorus into an otherwise spartan punk song. They know how to put hooks into a song while avoiding the cringy aftertaste that usually comes with pop-punk. Even the most jaded of listeners will find themselves singing along. While the catchiness will sink in almost immediately, you’ll find more introspective moments on repeated listenings.

Later days & longer nights
Pass the bottle right back to me
Drink it in, let everything sink in
Another shot to all my wasted contingencies
Some false courage to have some faith in me

Buried beneath the distortion and screaming, there’s an honesty in Ryan Hatfield’s lyrics that cannot be faked. A kind of heartfelt sincerity on the ups and downs that come with following a dream that is instantly relatable to anyone struggling creatively. Despite the dark subject matter, the cathartic nature of the gang vocals gives an uplifting feeling, especially in the brief moments of optimism scattered throughout the record, which despite being few and far between have enough gravity to leave the listener with a feeling of hope.

But then the music takes my soul
And I forget about the past
And I wish everyone in here would hug someone
Then the music makes you smile
And I know it’s not just me that uses this time to go and have some fun

The album ends with an anti-Trump protest song ‘And I Don’t Even Have Kids‘, which at first glance seems out of place on a record that focuses almost exclusively on personal struggles. However, I think it fitting to end with a track like this, it signals a resolve to continue struggling despite the uncertainty of what may come; they dust themselves off and write another punk song, because that’s what punk bands do.

Beyond Repair‘ is a great listen for fans of late-era Murderburgers, early Menzingers, Off With Their Heads, or Hot Water Music; it could also hit the spot for pop-punk dropouts who can’t stomach the cheesiness but still enjoy catchy hooks.

Listen to it here: