Hipster Hardcore

How many narcissists does it take to change a light bulb? Just one, but he has to wait for the whole world to revolve around him.

Ready to shave off that ironic mustache and trade it in for bedraggled (yet calculated) faux thrift? Everything has a context; the cheap analog basement recording methods that were once a material necessity, are now just a form of status signalling. The DIY art/packaging/distribution of yesteryear, has been eclipsed by bandcamp and photoshop (which everyone can afford/steal). What was once an uncoerced form of self-expression has been reduced to reified consumerist posturing.

Cultures are rooted, not contrived in nostalgia and artistic grave robbery. How long can the ouroboros continue eating until nothing of itself remains?



Notice lately that a lot of trending bands aren’t very good?



Everything sounding like a watered down version of your favourite 80s band?


Has slam dancing at shows felt a bit contrived, almost rehersed?



Walk into an empty bar when you go to see an actually good band?



Looking for a yes/no list, so you can be told who to like and hate?



“We discover that we do not know our role; we look for a mirror; we want to remove our make-up and take off what is false and real. But somewhere a piece of disguise that we forgot still sticks to us. A trace of exaggeration remains in our eyebrows; we do not notice that the corners of our mouth are bent. And so we walk around, a mockery and a mere half: neither having achieved being nor actors.”

– Rilke