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Malaysian Street Punk

The Malaysian Oi scene a bit of a paradox to your typical basic who only sees the world in ways that CNN and Hollywood allow them to. Outpacing it’s western contemporaries to transcend a foreign subculture, it has turned into something uniquely it’s own. Putting their own local twist to the lyrical themes; it brings new life to a once stagnating genre. Because of the language barrier + no marketing, this music remains fairly scarce in an age of internet abundance.

Don’t worry, I’m here to help. Here’s some of my favs to get you started:

Roots n Boots – Made in Malaysia

The Official – Skinhead Girl
(not to be confused with the Symarip and Oppressed songs of the same title)

A.C.A.B. – Where Have All the Boot Boys Gone

The Bois – Lying (technically from Singapore, whateve)

The Suspects – Kuala Lumpur