Music Biographies I Would Read

Comic books and band biographies are my go-to comfort reads. Here are a few biographies that I think should exist:

Jello Biafra

Perhaps the most interesting person alive, from the Oprah appearance, his mayoral campaign, the PMRC controversy, legal disputes with former DK bandmates, and noteworthy collaborations with influential musicians. We would not need a ghostwriter on this one.

Matt Skiba

I’m genuinely curious about the shift from Alkaline Trio to his role in Blink-182’s as Beatlejuice. Hearing his perspective on the transition would be hilarious and insightful.

Jeffrey Lee Pierce

Despite the mythology, I was always struct by Jeffrey’s vulnerability and awkwardness both in his lyrics and in the stories I’ve heard about him. Jeffrey’s book is too short, a full biography is needed.

Ben Weasel

I would like to see a literate fan summarizing his career with an honest examination of both the positive and negative aspects. Despite the decline in reputation, the band remains profoundly significant to me.