Top 5 Punk Rock Guitar Solos

Top 5 Punk Rock Guitar Solos

A guitar solo in punk rock is a bit of a contradiction. Normally a solo is where a musician can show off. In punk rock there are no musicians, everything is easy, and everyone sucks.

Over the years punk expanded, sub-genres emerged, conventions were challenged, and things changed. Nowadays everything and nothing is punk rock. Kanye West is punk rock; the same way that Jackson Pollock is an artist or Cheez Whiz is a food. Here are the solos we feel stay true to the tradition:

5. Burning Love – Gain
I think what I like about this one is it’s placement. The chorus ends
and is followed by silence, a vocal line, then a fret tapping solo.

4. Toy Dolls – Back in 79

A face melter if there ever was one, but perhaps a little technical to take the top spot.

3. The Ramones – I Wanna be Sedated

One note the entire solo. A mockery of guitar noodling. Sounds really good in the song.

2. The Buzzcocks – Boredom

Two note solo (third note added at the end, I think). The notes do not harmonize. This pre-dates the one note solo.

1. The Adolescents – Amoeba

Solo perfection. Not too difficult, not too easy. The song actually has two solos, both are winners. Neither are too long, perfectly succinct and enjoyable.

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