Why EPs? Why home recording?

We’ve already pronounced the album to be dead, and that filler songs are pointless in this age. It should come as no surprise that we don’t plan on pursuing the album form in the foreseeable future. We feel that the best way forward will be for us to release short EPs on a regular basis. Similar to what Black Flag did in the beginning.

With a persistent outpouring of our music, we can avoid boring our listeners with over indulgences, but at the same time not starve them with long gaps between releases. To make this process possible we have learned to self record, with low cost equipment, and minimal overhead. We’ve tried our best to become as independent of external circumstances as possible. We feel like this is consistent with the ethos of punk’s origin, while at the same time modern and free of nostalgia, which is what we want to be.

Although we will be ‘home recording’ this doesn’t mean that our sound quality will be compromised. Advances in modern technology have allowed us to achieve a studio like sounds, at peasant prices! We also won’t sound too processed, no auto-tuned vocals or robot guitars here. In an age where millionaires are trying to sound ‘low-fi’ and ‘garage’, we’re gonna sound honest and true.

Anyways, the short form release will give us just enough space to create an experience and give the EP an identity, a feel unique to itself, but not so long and huge that we must commit ourselves to years of touring, promotion, and debt. Many of our favourite releases are EPs. We look forward to the bringing you various epics of miniature proportions.

We have all sorts of ideas for EPs, we’re very excited for this approach.

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