Best Music of 2013

Holy crap, the last time this blog was updated was for the ‘best music of 2012’! I don’t even really have an excuse, I’ve just been sitting around playing video games. Hopefully 2014 will feature more frequent updates (we have a few ideas on the back-burner…), we do plan to bring out of long-awaited-highly- anticipated-debut album in the next few months… so that’s something I guess.

Anyways like every year, I feel like this year is the worst year for music yet. I’m not gonna even go into it this time cause it just makes me feel old. Here are the few shreds of dignity we managed to find in this year’s turd pile:


Best Albums of 2013

10. Modern Life is War – Fever Hunting
The legendary band returns with their first new album in 5 years. While it doesn’t quite reach the heights of “My Love, My Way” or “Witness”, it does recapture some of the spirit.
Fav. Tracks: Media Cunt, Cracked Sidewalk Surfer

9. Frank Turner – Tapedeck Heart
Frank Turners most laid back effort yet. In the absence of the hard hitters, he substitutes radio choruses and confessional lyrics, with mixed results.
Fav. Tracks: Good & Gone, Plain Sailing Weather

8. Brutal Youth – Stay Honest
A Toronto band that reminds me of Kid Dynamite, ’nuff said.
Fav. Tracks: 53 Degrees, Embitterment

7. Swingin Utters – Poorly Formed
Another solid hit from the band that never misses. Of the 14 tracks, not one of them is a skipper.
Fav. Tracks: Pour Beans, Sevita Sing

6. Sharks – Selfhood
Sharks abruptly stopped existing this year, pretty much right after this album came out. Too bad, so few bands occupy this space.
Fav. Tracks: Your Bloody Wings, Sunday’s Hand

5. Colour Me Wednesday
Colour Me Wednesday are a new young band from the UK. Indie pop punk with class.
Fav. Tracks: Purge Your Inner Tory, Shut

4. Captain, We’re Sinking – The Future is Cancelled
Probably the most ‘out-of-nowhere’ great album this year. It reminds me of the wordy/structureless emo stuff kids 4 years younger than me like, but for some reason I don’t hate it.
Fav. Tracks: Montreal, The Future is Cancelled Pt. 1

3. RVIVR – The Beauty Between
I never really could get too into this band before, but this album really connected with me. Great dual vocals, lots of emotion in the singing.
Fav. Tracks: LMD, Wrong Way/One Way

2. Surfer Blood – Pythons
I didn’t think I would like this as much as I did, but the songs are just really well written and catchy. I guess I agree with the hipsters on this one…
Fav. Tracks: Say Yes to Me, Weird Shapes

1. The Bronx – The Bronx IV
After falling into a bit of a lull with III, the Bronx bring us back to the raging anthems they gave us in I and II. Glad to have them back.
Fav. Tracks: The Unholy Hands, Youth Wasted


Best EPs of 2013

While this year wasn’t that strong of a year for albums, there were a lot of EPs that blew me away. EPs are better anyways.

10. Deforesters – Bones
A recent release – catchy hooks and great gang vocals. Got drunk at their EP release and really enjoyed it.
Fav. Tracks: Snow Line, I’ll Take the Crab Juice

9. Western Addition – Pines
Finally, Western Addiction has taken some time off from “family” and made new music.
Fav. Tracks: Black Salt, God Says No

8. The Gamits – KGB Are Still Looking For Me
A single song isn’t really an EP. But this song is so good I had to include it…
Fav Track: KGB Are Still Looking For Me

7. The Creeps – Our Time
An Ottawa punk band that captures the Ottawa sound nicely (Crusades, Sedatives). Probably has member of other bands I like, I have no idea.
Fav. Tracks: Grand Ideas, Our Time

6. Toy Guitar – S/T
The spiritual continuation of One Man Army. Four solid gold hits!
Fav. Tracks: Words Between Us, Shoot the Piano Player

5. Careers in Science – Cowards
In this new EP from our friends Careers in Science there are songs about being poor, birthdays/aging, scene politics. A great companion to 2012’s foreverwolf, for those who needed more.
Fav. Tracks: Local News, The Shape of Punk That’s Left

4. No Sir, I Won’t
Probably the best/most accessible crust punk release in a while. It’s a really cool listening experience, with neat little interludes between the tracks, plus great shout along choruses.
Fav. Tracks: Elevators, Harry Harlow

3. Paint it Black – Invisible
Another solid EP from Paint it Black, filled with great dynamics and intelligent lyrics sceamed at the top of Dan Yemin’s lungs.
Fav. Tracks: Greetings Fellow Insomniacs, Invisible

2. Cunter – 27
Built out the ashes of Moneen and Alexifonfire, Cunter features the best screams and riffs of the year. I would really like guitar lessons from them.
Fav. Tracks: This Throats For Smokin’, After School You’re Dead

1. Wasted Potential – Demo
Best new band of the year for sure, reminds me of early AFI + the misfits (danzig lineup) + a sense of humour. Sweet riffs, funny scene lyrics, memorable hooks.
Fav. Tracks: Is this Show All Ages?, Here’s Your Exit Letter


Things to Look forward to in 2014

New albums by Against Me!, the Lawrence Arms, Wasted Potential, and Us! Plus an EP from Burning Love.

Look out for our new album early 2014, have a happy new year.