Best Weezer B-Sides

Weezer has released a ton of b-sides and demos over the years, and some of them are better than their studio albums. Here are a few highlights:

Everybody Needs Salvation

The first fan-club single released in 2015, the track was meant to be on the unreleased concept album Ecce Homo and was recorded during the EWBAITE sessions.

You Gave Your Love To Me Softly

Recorded in the Pinkerton sessions and included as a b-side on the El Scorcho single.


From the Mallrats soundtrack.

It’s Been So Long

The 3rd fan-club single from 2019.

O Girl

My favourite of their SS2K demos.


A Pixies cover that was the first track to feature Mikey Welsh.

Sandwiches Time

A Maladroit demo which has many different demo versions, but I prefer the version with falsetto vocals.

Lullaby for Wayne\

A demo that was in consideration for the Blue album.

Walt Disney

Technically a Rivers solo demo, included on Alone II.

Mykel & Carli

A b-side to the Sweater Song about Weezer fan-club founders Mykel and Carli Allan (RIP).


A Buddy Holly b-side about Weezer’s first attorney Jamie Young.

Mo’ Beats

An early demo recorded for Weezer’s 5th album.