Misfits Albums Ranked Worst to Best

I think it’s safe to say that the Misfits are now a legacy act and we won’t see any new albums (and that’s probably for the best). From lineup changes, legal battles, to Danzig’s volatility; it’s been a rocky ride that started glory before ending in farce.

7. The Devil’s Rain

Jerry’s attempt at writing a new Misfits album. For most part the songwriting isn’t there and Jerry’s vocals are definitely not up to Danzig’s (or even Graves) standards. This probably should have been a Jerry Only solo album.

6. Project 1950

A gimmicky album of songs that were mostly recorded in the early 60s that misses the mark. Also worst cover art of all-time.

5. American Psycho

First album with disgraced singer Michale Graves, American Psycho contains a lot of unmemorable tracks that sort of blend together, but it does contain a few standouts that were kept in the set until the end of the Jerry-era.

4. Famous Monsters

With the Graves-era lineup’s 2nd album the songs get more memorable, but fan backlash against the new songs led to setlists dominated by Danzig-era songs; eventually culminating in Graves quitting the band on-stage.

3. Earth A.D./Wolfs Blood

With Black Flag’s Robo added to the lineup, the Misfits succeeded at crossing over into hardcore, similar to Dead Kennedy’s ‘In God We Trust’ or Rancid’s 2000 album. Earth A.D. wasn’t released until shortly after the first Misfits break up.

2. Static Age

The mythical first Misfits album that wasn’t released until 1996. Static age features their most popular songs including “Last Caress”, “Hybrid Moments”, “We Are 138”, “Teenagers from Mars”, “Attitude”, & “Bullet”; most other Misfits album rankings would put this album in the top spot.

1. Walk Among Us

The first Misfits album to see the light of day, Walk Among Us is a perfect album with no skips. Coming out after two shelved full lengths (12 Hits from Hell, Static Age), and inexplicably including a single live track in the middle of the album; Walk Among Us was an instant classic and possibly the best album of all time.