6 Alternatives to Courtney Love

I was watching a documentary about the drummer of Hole, Patty Schemel, titled “Hit So Hard”. It featured a lot of Courtney Love screen time. Though the movie wasn’t really about her, she wasted no time inflating her significance in the context of women in rock and roll. It’s depressing to think that she is the token go-to reference for female modern rock singers. Here is a list of better role models:

White Lung

A band on the rise from Vancouver, their first album “It’s the Evil” got them a lot of press, Exclaim! named it 2010’s punk record of the year. Their new album “Sorry” is even better, with more pop hooks whilst maintaining their earlier work’s aggression.


Terrible Feelings

This band seems to be making every list I make in some way. I guess it’s because they consistently deliver awesome angry pop songs. Checkout their singles and then try the album.


Sahara Hotnights

“Jennie Bomb” is my favourite album by Sahara Hotnights. Parts of it are powerful and angry, other pieces are inventive and catchy, others are quite serene and beautiful. I like the way their swedish accents come through on some of the lyrics. Their later albums are bit soft for my tastes, but the early ones are amongst my favourites.



Sleater-Kinney have a name that sounds like a law firm, but musically they extend 80s american riot grrl hardcore into more melodic and complex directions. Their growth culminated in their 2005 album “The Woods”, which featured extended guitar solos, non-standard song structures, and forays into Zeppelin like hard rock.


X-Ray Specs

Perhaps the most essential girl-fronted first wave punk band. They are notable for including a saxophone, giving them a vibe resembling some of the new york no-wave that came after them.


The Soviettes

An awesome mix of punk rock and the B-52s. They started on Billy Joe Armstrong’s Adeline Records label before moving to Fat Wreck. All members (drummer included) take turns on vocals. Always a fun band to listen to.