Best Music of 2017

It’s been a pretty good year for music. A couple of sleeping giants woke up a dropped their best albums yet; but also some newer bands came out of left field to surprise us.


10. Into The Fray – From Within

This band is basically the sequel to Cunter. Your darkest thoughts screamed over crazy riffs and pounding drums.

9. FUCK! *(It’s Pronounced SHIT!)* – It’s Still Pronounced SHIT!

Without a doubt the best cover art of 2017, Fuck (pronounced ‘Shit’) combine funny/nerdy scene references with aggressive yet melodic punk.

8. Yeah Bud – Demo 2017

Two more super catchy songs from Yeah Bud, looking forward to more stuff from these guys.

7. Western Divide – Fall In Love To This

A pop band fronted by a gutter-punk singer, like if the Killers singer caught a real nasty throat virus but played the show anyways. The pop elements make the crustiness more listenable, the crustiness makes the pop less Disney.

6. Otoboke Beaver – Love Is Short

Frantic Japanese pogo-pop. Different than anything I’ve heard before.

5. Blank Side – Etheric

Power-violence with fun poppy elements that ends before you want it to.

4. Powerbomb – S/T

Unpretentious hardcore with cartoonish elements. Singer has an awesome scream.

3. Gnarly Horse – Kissing

These guys sounds like not-shitty Weezer. Elements of Ozma, Rentals, Superchunk, and Sloan can be heard, but it’s more Weezer than any of those things.

2. Ten Foot Wizard / Chubby Thunderous Bad Kush Masters – Split

Ten Foot Wizard put there two best songs to date on this split sounding like a strange mix of Motorhead, Rednecks yelling, and Marked Men. Chubby Thunderous Bad Kush Masters’ side is less strong but still good, reminding me of a lo-fi Orange Goblin.

1. Capital Youth – Lemonade

Garage-punk with a singer that sounds like Jack from One Man Army. Awesome.


10. Warsick – Surrounded By Death

Classic d-beat inspired punk reminiscent of Inepsy or the Impalers.

9. The Corporate Life – Chimercury

The Corporate Life raise their game with their best album yet, in the spirit of From Ashes Rise, or not sucky Rise Against.

8. The Menzingers – After The Party

After the boring dad-rock of 2014’s ‘Rented World’, the Menzingers come back with the hits! Catchy songs and funny, heartfelt lyrics.

7. Plan 37 – Say Goodbye

If Crimpshrine had a baby with the Beach Boys this would be it.

6. Integrity – Howling, For The Nightmare Shall Consume

Incredible Mix of hardcore, crust, black metal, and thrash; featuring memorable solos and cookie monster vocals.

5. The Bronx – V

The Bronx come back with an album that ranks among their best. Lot’s of heavy hitters on here, but also some catchy while classy radio hits.

4. Western Addiction – Tremulous

After 10 years Western Addiction drop a follow up album to their stunning debut. In addiction to their trademark hardcore, they throw some slow melodic curve balls.

3. The Lillingtons – Stella Sapiente

After over 10 years of waiting, the Lillingtons rise from the dead and give what could be their best album to date. In addition to their trademark pulp fiction pop-punk, they give a this album a gothic tone in the spirit of the Damned, early T.S.O.L., or Crusades.

2. Power Trip – Nightmare Logic

Power Trip is a perfect modernization of Cro-Mag’s ‘Best Wishes’ sound. A fun blend of punk and thrash metal without falling into the trappings of either.

1. Propagandhi – Victory Lap

After a long wait and a member change, Propagandhi come back with their most accessible album in years. While some of their most menacing riffs can be found on this outing, you can also find songs that reminiscent of their skate-punk days.

It’s also been a big year for us as a band. This year we put out our second album ‘Sink to the Top’:

And made a bunch of music videos:

We also played some cool shows and made some good friends. We’re hoping to drop some new tunes and execute some other cool plans in 2018.

See you in 2018!